Do not recalibrate you device unless you know what you're doing! If you have questions or concerns about your device, please ask on the forums

This calibration includes:

  1. Calibrate IR LEDs


  1. Assemble the clamp into place, sliding it on the dowel pins, putting the spring in place, and screwing in the bottom place. Ensure the spring is seated on both top and bottom.
  2. When prompted, clamp the device on the black and white tiles to calibrate the IR LEDs.

Once complete, evaluate the quality of the results for each measurement (there are several so scroll down to see them all. If there are danger or warning messages read and retry the calibration. Then...

  1. Hit the "save to Device" button. Then submit the data to the website.




Each device has slight variations in the current output, and each LED varies in intensity by current. As a result, to ensure that every light outputs the same intensity given the same brightness setting, all lights must be calibrated to a known source. Visible lights (lights 1,2,3,4,and 6 which is green, red, orange, blue, and red respectively) are calibrated to a LiCOR PAR sensor. Near IR lights (5,6,7,9,10 which is 940, 940, 850, 735, 880nm respectively) cannot be calibrated to PAR because PAR is defined only as light in the 400 - 700nm region.

As a result, the NIR/IR LEDs are calibrated to the device's photodiode (detector) itself. The photodiode's are very consistent and linear between devices and allow for quick and easy calibration of the NIR/IR LEDs. Note that while the calibration scale for NIR/IR LEDs is arbitrary, the range is from 0 (low) to roughly 4000 (max).


  1. Run this protocol using the Desktop App (it is the only app which can currently display messages)
  2. Make sure you have a MultispeQ Calibration Card (this protocol requires a blank piece of white paper).
  3. Run the protocol, following the directions provided by the messages.
  4. Once complete, press the "save to device" button to save the outputs to the MultispeQ device. If it is running as part of a Calibration Project (as during factory calibration), then press "keep" to save the values to the photosynq.org website.

As with any values sav...


  1. Device ID (Short Answer)




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