ECS trace in Leaf Photosynthesis Multispeq V1.0

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Why is pulselightbrightness = 150(40000/detector_read2)? and why is pulse length (-.000093detector_read2)+13.093 for the esc trace section in Leaf Photosynthesis Multispeq V1.0 protocol

What are these values is us?

Wondering as I am working of protocol development for some specific research applications

Thanks, amazing product Jon

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Dan TerAvest

Jul 2017


Those values are part of a work around (kind of a manual 'autogain') function to try to optimize the ECS signal. However, the ECS measurement in the current Leaf Photosynthesis MultispeQ v1.0 protocol is not very robust, so you may be able to ignore those equations.

We hope to be releasing, very soon, an pre-release firmware version that will allow you to use a different protocol that measures both ECS and P700 activity in a much more robust way. More details on that will be hopefully coming out in the next week or two.

Thanks Dan, Is this where firm pre-release would be found when it is available?


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Jul 2017

yep, if you go to this link, click on releases. There you can see our pre-releases, which are marked as such, and you will also see the most recent stable version. Careful with pre-releases, as they are there for testing purposes and sometimes do whacky and unexpected things!

-Sean at PhotosynQ

@ Dan TerAvest. I would like to know whether this protocol (both ECS and P700 activity) is now available. If yes, How can I use it for my project using MultispeQ V1. Habib R Athar