No PAR and LEF value in RIDES or Leaf Photosynthesis MultispeQ 1 protocols

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Hello Since last month, while working with different protocols in different experiments I am unable to get PAR values. What could be the possible reason and how to fix it

Is there any problem with light sensor, if so how to check it and fix it.

Please look at the data

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Dan TerAvest

Mar 2018

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It appears that the PAR sensor worked fine when you were using the original firmware (1.17) and protocol (Leaf Photosynthesis MultispeQ V1.0), is that correct?

Based on that information, I think that there are a couple of possibilities. 1: The light intensity was very low during your most recent measurements so the values were not registering. Were you taking these measurements inside or in dark conditions? Another possibility is that some calibration data may have been lost during the firmware update process.

Can you please check your calibration data? Here is how (see image below for tips): 1. You will need to use the PhotosynQ desktop app. If you don't have it, you can download it here: 2. Connect your device using the settings tab (on the left) 3. Once connected, click on the console button 4. In the console, type in: printmemory 5. Hit send or enter 6. You will get a window with all of the instruments calibration information, scroll to the very top of the page. At the top, you will see a list of values for: lightslopeall, lightsloper, lightslopeg, lightslopeb, and lightyint. Can you share those values with me?

If the problem is with your calibration values, we should be able to reset the device to factory calibration values

Dear Dr Dan TerAvest Here is values setting of the device as you suggested.


"deviceid":"01:11:88:80", "magbias": [0.000,0.000,0.000], "ma g_cal": [0.000,0.000,0.000,0.000,0.000,0.000,0.000,0.000,0.000],

"accelbias": [0.000,0.000,0.000], "lightslopeall": ["1.658"] , "lightsloper": ["-1.240"], "lightslopeg": ["-1.151"], "lig htslopeb": ["-0.188"], "lightyint": [" 5"], "detectoroffset slope": ["1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000"], "detectoroffsetyint ": ["0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000"], "thicknessa": ["207326.65 6"], "thicknessb": ["-17.523"], "thickness_c": ["370178.938"],

"openposition": ["38005.641"], "closedposition": ["40717.762"] , "thicknessmin": ["41621.801"], "thicknessmax": ["37101.602"] , "partodacslope1": ["0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000", "0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000"], "openthicknes s": ["38005.641"], "closedthickness": ["40717.762"], "shutdown time": ["4294967295"], "whenusbonstayon": ["-1"], "partoda cslope2": ["0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.0 00","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000"], "partodacslope3": ["0.0 00","49800.000","-5000.000","265500.000","-4100.000","-44.670","-213.780","-6300.000","14.830","-7598.300","39.220"], "partod acslope4": ["1.000","0.230","0.319","0.851","0.352","0.058","0.139","0.414","0.137","0.675","0.622"], "partodacyint": ["0.0 00","40.831","68.821","47.896","108.267","102.431","99.701","58.848","105.264","107.709","90.163"], "irbaselineslope": ["1.00 0","1916.000","281.500","691.000","1251.500","13474.500","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000"], "irbaselineyint": ["0.000" ,"2442.500","407.500","894.500","1650.500","20198.500","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000"], "colorcalintensity1slope": [ "1.000","1.000","2.563","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000"], "colorcalintensity1yint": ["0.000", "0.000","7.200","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000"], "colorcalintensity2slope": ["1.000","1.000" ,"2.577","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000"], "colorcalintensity2yint": ["0.000","0.000","5.000" ,"0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000"], "colorcalintensity3slope": ["1.000","1.000","2.606","1.000 ","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000","1.000"], "colorcalintensity3yint": ["0.000","0.000","-10.100","0.000","0.0 00","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000","0.000"], "colorcalblank1": ["0.000","15013.000","25995.500","30923.000","33270.00 0","0.000","34832.500","0.000","32689.000","33401.500","29570.000"], "colorcalblank2": ["0.000","18891.000","17559.000","22085 .000","15776.000","0.000","14613.500","0.000","17120.500","18972.500","14429.000"], "colorcal_blank3": ["0.000","18757.500","98 88.500","20756.000","11404.500","0.000","5446.500","0.000","6598.000","5990.500","5521.500"], "userdef0":"369.500", "userdef1": "371.000", "userdef2":"365.500", "userdef3":"412.500", "userdef4":"499.000", "userdef5":"579.000", "userdef6":"674.000", "userd ef7":"750.000", "userdef8":"827.000", "userdef9":"905.000", "userdef10":"972.500", "userdef11":"1059.000", "userdef12":"1120.50 0", "userdef13":"1225.500", "userdef14":"1282.500", "userdef15":"1361.000", "userdef16":"1430.000", "userdef17":"1489.500", "us erdef18":"1564.000", "userdef19":"1633.500", "userdef20":"1706.500", "userdef21":"1772.000", "userdef22":"1845.500", "userdef23 ":"1908.000", "userdef24":"3383.500", "userdef25":"4810.000", "userdef26":"380.000", "userdef27":"377.500", "userdef28":"383.50 0", "userdef29":"373.500", "userdef30":"379.500", "userdef31":"380.500", "userdef32":"390.500", "userdef33":"438.000", "userdef 34":"489.500", "userdef35":"523.000", "userdef36":"561.500", "userdef37":"611.000", "userdef38":"672.500", "userdef39":"718.500 ", "userdef40":"759.500", "userdef41":"821.500", "userdef42":"868.000", "userdef43":"906.000", "userdef44":"952.000", "userdef4 5":"1011.000", "userdef46":"1053.000", "userdef47":"1109.500", "userdef48":"1164.500", "userdef49":"1227.500", "userdef50":"250 4.000", "userdef51":"4020.000", "userdef52":"369.000", "userdef53":"375.000", "userdef54":"377.000", "userdef55":"400.000", "us erdef56":"428.000", "userdef57":"438.500", "userdef58":"460.000", "userdef59":"498.500", "userdef60":"524.000", "userdef61":"55 2.500", "userdef62":"573.500", "userdef63":"582.000", "userdef64":"618.500", "userdef65":"658.000", "userdef66":"680.000", "use rdef67":"711.500", "userdef68":"733.500", "userdef69":"759.500", "userdef70":"777.000", "userdef71":"802.000", "userdef72":"825 .500", "userdef73":"866.000", "userdef74":"879.000", "userdef75":"898.500", "userdef76":"1575.500", "userdef77":"2297.500", "us erdef78":"377.500", "userdef79":"363.500", "userdef80":"380.500", "userdef81":"375.500", "userdef82":"379.000", "userdef83":"37 4.000", "userdef84":"364.500", "userdef85":"370.500", "userdef86":"384.500", "userdef87":"420.000", "userdef88":"468.500", "use rdef89":"517.000", "userdef90":"553.500", "userdef91":"613.500", "userdef92":"682.000", "userdef93":"734.000", "userdef94":"784 .500", "userdef95":"834.500", "userdef96":"888.000", "userdef97":"953.000", "userdef98":"1022.000", "userdef99":"1072.500", "us erdef100":"1115.000", "userdef101":"1187.500", "userdef102":"2572.000", "userdef103":"4176.000", "userdef104":"368.500", "userd ef105":"376.000", "userdef106":"371.000", "userdef107":"374.000", "userdef108":"407.500", "userdef109":"435.500", "userdef110": "481.000", "userdef111":"519.500", "userdef112":"564.000", "userdef113":"607.500", "userdef114":"666.000", "userdef115":"716.00 0", "userdef116":"761.500", "userdef117":"802.000", "userdef118":"843.500", "userdef119":"883.500", "userdef120":"930.000", "us erdef121":"975.000", "userdef122":"1011.000", "userdef123":"1064.500", "userdef124":"1106.000", "userdef125":"1151.000", "userd ef126":"1205.000", "userdef127":"1246.500", "userdef128":"2422.500", "userdef129":"3795.500", "userdef130":"0.000", "userdef131 ":"0.000", "userdef132":"0.000", "userdef133":"0.000", "userdef134":"0.000"} 41995CC1

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Dan TerAvest

Apr 2018

Hmmm, it looks like the PAR calibration values are there. I thought that they might have gotten deleted somehow when you updated the firmware. It appears that since you switched to the RIDES protocol on the new firmware you cannot get PAR values, is that correct? Can you take some measurements with the "Leaf Photosynthesis MultispeQ V1.0" protocol and tell me if you get PAR values?

I used different protocols with the same leaf, I found that if used inside room with some source of light, it gives values of PAR maximally 1400 and beyond this it become zero In an ambient environment when PAR is around 800-1400 umol m-2 s-2, the value of PAR become zero When measured SPAD values with cards, 7.5 SPAD value was around 2.4; 15.2 SPAD standard was found to be 10.3; 39.5 was 34.7 but 38.6 SPAD standard was zero (Standard number 11 was zero) Then I calibrated SPAD values using card following standard protocol and save to device.

But difference of around 5 point in SPAD values is there; and SPAD greater than 38 become zero PAR issue with MultispeQ v.1 protocol or with RIDES protocol is same And lastly, after firmware update and switching RIDES protocol, I am feeling problem of PAR values and LEF in all protocols

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Dan TerAvest

Mar 2018

the command should be "print_memory"

Sorry for late response as I was away from campus and on a field trip. In Karachi, I tried to take measurements but again same problem.