PhotosynQ can provide educators with inexpensive instruments for students to probe their environments as well as a web-based platform for analyzing data, communicating with a global community, and sharing results.

Educational Projects

Hundreds of students have used the MultispeQ instrument and PhotosynQ website for hands-on learning of scientific principles at Michigan State University. Students learn how to develop a hypothesis, plan a project, and take sophisticated measurements using PhotosynQ instruments.

Additionally, content has already been created, covering not only photosynthesis, but also data analysis, scientific methods, and a broad introduction to biology. This content is available on Campus Ties.

Discover Projects

Campus Ties | PhotosynQ Education

PhotosynQ has teamed up with Campus Ties, a Website for gamified science learning for college and college-bound students, to provide educational content around Photosynthesis, Science and how to use PhotosynQ. Test your knowledge, learn new things about Photosynthesis and what it means to do scientific research.

Campusties primers