MultispeQ v1.0

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Device rear
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Device dimensions


Android 4.4+

Chrome 35+


Bluetooth 2.0+EDR

Micro-USB 2.0

The MultispeQ combines the functionality of a handheld fluorometer, a chlorophyll meter, and a bench-top spectrometer into one low cost, modifiable tool that brings lab quality measurements to field applications. Measure photosynthetic phenotypes in real field conditions, identify biotic and abiotic stresses in plants or algae, and collect thousands of data points around the world using collaborators in the PhotosynQ network. The MultispeQ is what you wanted all your other tools to be - affordable, powerful, modifiable, and collaborative by design.

  • Measure fluorescence base parameters for plants and algae including qL, qP, ΦII, LEF, NPQ, and absorbance based parameters like vH+, gH+, ECSt
  • Measure Soil Active Carbon using potassium permanganate *
  • Record abiotic factors including ambient temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure and altitude as well as contactless leaf temperature, leaf angle and leaf direction,
  • Flexible, open source system to create your own protocol
  • Port for adding additional sensors (USB 3.0)
  • Design specifications and list of compatible Android devices will follow

The device connects to the PhotosynQ network via desktop (PC, Mac, or Linux) or Android phones, where you can manage, analyze, and share your data in communities across the world.

  • MultispeQ
  • SPAD (relative Chlorphyll) calibration cards
  • Micro-USB cable
* reagents not included



  • 5500 mAh internal battery, will last all day for typical use
  • Improved PAR sensor in wide range of light qualities
  • Ergonomic design, right or left handed
  • Measure cuvette (algae) or leaf seamlessly
  • Available LEDs and detectors for spectroscopy

    450 nm, 530 nm, 605 nm, 650 nm (2x), 740 nm, 850 nm, 880 nm, 940 nm (2x)

    400-700 nm, 700-1150 nm

  • Automatically adds location and time stamp to all measurements
  • Ambient temperature ± 0.5 °C
  • Contactless leaf temperature ± 0.1 °C in the 30 - 40 °C range
  • Relative humidity ± 3 %
  • Barometric pressure ± 0.25 %
  • Measure leaf angle (wilt) and cardinal direction
  • External sensor connector for ultimate modability
  • Automatic firmware updates through Android or Desktop App
  • Optimized power management to reduce overall power consumption
  • Improved User Interfaces
  • More flexible project creation
  • Shorter loading times when viewing your data on the website
  • New ways of visualizing data
  • Open source hardware and software
  • Developed under the direction of Professor David Kramer, a foremost leader in the development of photosynthesis measurement equipment, models for understanding photosynthesis, and photosynthetic parameters which can be applied to identify novel phenotypes
  • MultispeQ prototype devices were tested for 2 years, collected 170,000 data-points in 15 countries with 100+ testers
  • Used by plant scientists to successfully measure fluorescence based parameters like photosynthetic efficiency (ΦII), linear electron transfer (LEF) and non-photochemical quenching (NPQ) in the lab and in the field
  • Used by plant breeders of wheat, dry beans, soy beans, potatoes, clover, cowpea, corn, poplar, and many others
  • Used by educators, including 4 semesters in undergraduate biology classes by 200+ students

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