NPQ recovery B. rapa drought


Evaluate NPQ recovery in 4 genotpyes of Brassica rapa under well watered, drought and re-watered (recovery) conditions. Plants evaluated in both greenhouse and growth chamber conditions. Plants are dark adapted for 20-30 minutes before measurement of FvFm. Light acclimation period lasts 5 minutes at 800 umol. Flash for Fv'Fm' every minute during light acclimation. Dark recovery takes place over 20 minutes with Fv''Fm'' at 2,5,10,20 minutes.


v1 - NPQ 5 minutes light 20 min dark recovery - 1500 -testing

v1 - NPQ 5 minutes light 20 min dark recovery - 1500 Dark adapt 20 minutes prior to starting protocol Light acclimation for 5 minutes at 1500. Pulse during light acclimation every min. Dark recovery for 20 minutes Pulse duringDark recovery pulses at 1,3,5,10,15 Total length approx. 20 minutes. (5-15)


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  3. Treatment (Multiple Choice)
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