Cowpea Parent Screening - Cold temperatures


Donghee Hoh and Anna Cowie

The purpose of this project is to determine several parameters of NPQ and PSII for different cowpea genotypes in order to select a cross for a future cold stress experiment to determine the QTL of cold stress.



This protocol measures a series of factors that allow us to estimate: stomatal conductance (via changes in humidity and leaf temperature);
ATP synthase conductivity, pmf parameters through DIRK(ECS) The rate of turnover of the cytochrome b6f complex through DIRKP(700) Chlorophyll fluorescence parameters Phi2, NPQ(t), PhiNPQ, PhiNO, qL(t) ...


  1. Temperature Condition (Multiple Choice)
  2. Light Intensity (Multiple Choice)
  3. Genotype (Multiple Choice)
  4. Replicates (Multiple Choice)



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