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Edit a Macro

You can change one of your macros or extend an already existing one at any time.


  1. Select Macros from the left menu bar.
  2. Double click on the macro in the list or click on Edit in the sidebar.
  3. Make your changes to the code.
  4. Select Save as... from the File menu or use the shortcut CTRL/⌘+⇧+s.
  5. Update the description if needed.
  6. Save the changes by Save As.

Tip: In case you altered a macro someone else had made, change the name too. In this case you only have the option Save as.


If you have issues saving the macro, make sure you check these things first:

  • [x] When a Macro is done, make sure the output box is green, indicating that there was no error.
  • [x] Make sure you have a name and description.
  • [x] Check that the name is not already taken.

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