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MultispeQ v2.0 Configuration

MultispeQ v2.0 measurements


There are sets of five LEDs each on the main body and the leaf clamp.

Main Body

# Emission Peak Model Specifications
1 530nm LED (green), Lumileds, LXZ1-PM01 view
2 655nm LED (red), Lumileds, LXZ1-PA01 view
3 590nm LED (amber), Lumileds, LXZ1-PL01 view
4 448nm LED (blue), Lumileds, LXZ1-PR01 view
5 950nm LED (NIR), OSRAM, SFH 4441 view

Leaf Clamp

# Emission Peak Model Specifications
6 950nm LED (NIR), OSRAM, SFH 4441 view
7 655nm LED (red), Lumileds, LXZ1-PA01 view
8 850nm LED (NIR), OSRAM, SFH 4451 view
9 730nm LED (far red), Everlight, ELSH-Q61F1-0LPNM-JF3F8 view
10 820nm LED (NIR), OSRAM SFH 4786S view

Emission Spectra for LEDs

Emission spectra for LEDs build in the MultispeQ v2.0 - Emission normalized to maximum emission peak


The MultispeQ v2.0 comes with two detectors. One covering the near infrared on the main body, the other covering the visual range on the leaf clamp.

# Detection Range Model Specifications
1 700nm - 1150nm Hamamatsu, S6775-01 (main body) view
3* 400nm - 700nm Hamamatsu, S6775 (leaf clamp) view

*Note: The detector 3 is covered with a BG-18 bandpass filter with a center wavelength around 493 nm. If you are using the detector to detect signals on the edges of the detection range, expect the signal strength to be low.


The MultispeQ v2.0 has a set of sensors to measure the environmental parameters

Sensor Model Specifications
Ambient Temperature, Humidity, Pressure (2x) BOSCH, BME280 view
Contactless Temperature Melexis, MLX90615SSG-DAG-000-TU view
Accelerometer Freescale, MMA8653FCR1 view
Magnetometer Freescale, MAG3110FCR1 view
Hall Effect Sensor TT Electronics, OHS3150U view
PAR light sensor AMS-TAOS USA, TCS34715FN + 700nm low pass filter view


The MultispeQ v2.0 has two filters, a Band Pass filter covering the visible light detector (#3) and a Low Pass filter used in the PAR sensor.

Filter Model Specifications
Band Pass Schott, BG-18 1mm thickness view
Low Pass UQC Optics, Hot Mirror HM-07 view

Indicator Lights

The MultispeQ v2.0 has now two indicator lights. One to indicate if the device is charging which is located next to the micro-USB port. The second one is located on top to indicate progress or required actions.

LED Model Specifications
Charging Indicator ---
Progress/Action Indicator NeoPixel (RGB), SK6812 view


The MultispeQ v2.0 has a Li-ion battery which can be charged through the micro USB port.

Battery Model Specifications
Main Soshine Li-ion 26650 Protected Battery: 5500mAh 3.7V view

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