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Instrument Settings

PhotosynQ Instruments have settings, which you can change, to make the instrument better fit you needs. They vary between instruments. Currently you need to use the Desktop Application to adjust your Instrument settings.

Note: The Chrome App does not support Instrument Settings. Please switch to the new Desktop Application.

Desktop App

When using the Desktop App to change the Instrument settings, follow these steps to get started.

  1. Connect your Instrument, using USB or Bluetooth.
  2. Select Instrument from the Settings dialog.
  3. Depending on the connected Instrument, you will see your available Settings.

Settings Dialog to adjust the Instrument settings.

Settings MultispeQ v1.0

Note: Available soon

Settings MultispeQ v2.0

Setting Description
Automatic Shutdown The initial shutdown time for Instruments is 30 minutes. To start it up again you have to hold the button for ~10s to restart the Instrument. Adjust the time by selecting a shutdown interval.
Stay On (USB) When your Instrument is connected through USB, it can be set to not shut down. Once disconnected, it will turn off according the the shutdown time.
Indicator (blink) The Indicator light will flash every 10s, reporting the battery status and that the Instrument is on
Clamp Switch Hold the clamp open and wait for the Indicator light to flash 3 times to shut down the Instrument.
Stored Information Print all values saved on the Instrument
Connection Get a quick Hello from your Instrument (e.g. MultispeQ Ready)
Power Switch off your Instrument

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