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A very basic set of statistical tools for your project data analysis.

View the Spreadsheet

  1. Select the Statistics from the right menu underneath the Project name.
  2. Choose the type of statistics you wish to perform and select the significance level.



  1. Pick the parameter you want the statistical summary generated for and click on Show Summary.

Student's t-test

  1. Pick the parameter and the two series you want to compare.
  2. Select one-tailed or two-tailed, depending on your dataset.
  3. Click on Run t-test to show the results.



  1. Pick the parameter and at least two series to compare.
  2. Check Create correlation matrix to generate a table of t-test.
  3. Click Run ANOVA.


Chi Square test

  1. Pick the parameter that you want to test for.

    Note the parameter must be a categorical variable.

  2. Pick at least 2 series to compare.

  3. Click Run Chi Square test.

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