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Daniel Kane

Jul 2016

Hi there,

Trying to add short answer questions to my project. They show up fine on the app but when I try to make an entry the app crashes. Any thoughts? Sent crash report too.

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    Jul 2016

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    Jul 2016

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Greg Austic

Jul 2016

We have a shiny new app on the way! We're working the last few bugs (that we can find) out so hopefully that'll address the problem.

But in the mean time, sync any data you have, and then uninstall and reinstall the app. That usually solves the problem. Let me know if that works -

Also, can you link in the project, in case there is some other issue?


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Jul 2016

Hi Daniel, as Greg mentioned we are working on a new app, however if you could send us a debug log (the menu option on the left in the app) it would help us understand what happened. If you would like to try the new app, check out the Android APK from github here:

We have not released it yet in the play store, however we think you will already have better results with it.

All the best Manuel