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Hi all, Is there any way to get the full trace data? I see there is a Original Data Raw Data output when viewing single sample, anyway to download that? Thanks Jon

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    Jul 2018

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    Jul 2018

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Jul 2018

Hi Jonathan,

the easiest way to get raw traces by using the R or Python packages (https://photosynq.org/software). When you use the library and you download the unprocessed dataset, you will have a column called data_raw with all your raw traces. But it would be an idea to allow the traces to be downloaded right from the graph when you open a single measurement.

Here is a an example in R:

email <- "john.doe@domain.com"    # Your email goes here

ID <- 1556                        # Your project ID goes here

processed\_data <- FALSE           # Get the raw data from the project

login <- PhotosynQ::login(email)

project\_data <- PhotosynQ::getProjectData(login$email, login$token, ID)

project\_data <- PhotosynQ::getProjectData(login$email, login$token, ID, processed\_data)

dataframe <- PhotosynQ::createDataframe(project\_info, project\_data)