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Hello I want see data set of previously taken data by other members. I opened the project heat tolerance in wheat but unable to see any kind of data. What to do for this purpose


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    May 2017

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    Aug 2017

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May 2017

Hey Habib,

I went into the search function and looked for Heat Tolerance in Wheat and found a few projects similar, but none with that exact name. Maybe you could provide a link to the specific project you are trying to view, or even the project ID? I saw a few projects that are about wheat and heat in Mexico, and can view the data fine, so just get back to whenever you can!

-Sean at PhotosynQ

After continuous searching and exploring, reading tutorials, I am finally able to use PhotosynQ website. I can see and download already taken data. Now I have created my own project and taken the data. After analysis, I think around 70% data taken is fine. (Physiological basis of salt tolerance in vegetables)I am going through the troubleshoots and associated literature. At present I am feeling difficulty in using different protocols Like NPQ quenching analysis, One Protocol (PSII, PSI, LEF, CEF, NPQ). I want to compare my results with DUAL-PAM100 (Walz). If it works fine, then we may frequently use PhotosynQ in wirenet house/Greenhouse experiments.