How to identify and use already developed protocols by different people?

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Different people developed different protocols and and long list is available. I selected to use but none of them is working. Either they are not developed or I am not properly using. I want to use NPQ quenching analysis, DIRK protocols. I am not familiar with program coding so I want to use already developed protocols by other peoples. MultispeQ has only one functional protocol Leaf photosynthesis and 2nd one functional protocol is for Algae. I am also unable to assess One Protocol (PSII, PSI, NPQ, cyclic Electron flow etc.)

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    Aug 2017

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    Jan 2018

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Some of your issues are likely due to the version of MultispeQ you have (beta, v1.0); some of this is often in title and description of protocal; Macros appear run fine independent of MutlispeQ version but protocols need to be set according to device version.

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David M. Kramer

Jan 2018

Hi all, Jonathan is right. We are working on a combination of firmware and software solution to identifying which protocols will work with which instruments. This will become more important as we introduce the upcoming firmware update for Version 1.0 MultispeQ.

Perhaps you could reply and indicate which protocol you are trying to use with which instrument. More importantly, what do you want to measure?