Online Data Explorer

Looking at data online with PhotosynQ is super easy and useful for quickly understanding your data, check out how here.

  1. On your project page, click on "View Data".
    • Based on your internet connection and amount of data, loading the data could take a few minutes.
  2. You can add or delete data series based on your project questions
    • When you delete a series, it never deletes the actual data.
  3. You can create graphs based on any variables the device measured in your project.
    • Different graphs you can create include : scatter plots, averages and histograms.
  4. View data points in a map to see where they were taken.
  5. Data viewer will help you identify outliers.
    • Outliers could be anything from a dead leaf to a total anomaly, maybe the interesting data point in your project! So just don't delete because it is an outlier.
  6. Only flag a data point if you are confident it does not belong.

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Data Analysis on the PhotosynQ Platform

The online data analysis offers some powerful tools for looking at, and better understanding your measurements

  1. You can run your data or data series through our online ANOVA program.
  2. You can download the data in .CSV format and use it in the data program of your choice.
    • Excel, LibreOffice, Google Spreadsheets, R, etc.
  3. After your analysis, remember to upload your results and interpretation of them to your project's "Results" page.
    • Results take your simple pile of data and make turns it into useful information that people can learn and take action from.
  4. Stay tuned for improvements to the online data analysis in the future!

Download as PDF

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