Why do PhotosynQ measurements require a Protocol?

On PhotosynQ, Protocols are used to provide specific measurement instructions for a specific instrument like the MultispeQ. Every time a measurement is taken, the Protocol is sent to the instrument, and the results are sent back. Protocols can have a Macro attached, so the measurement can be instantly analyzed and results can be shown on the used device (e.g. a phone).

How do Protocols work

Protocols are written in the JavaScript Object Notation or JSON. The important part is, that most scripting languages have the capability to parse, modify and validate a protocol. If the Protocol is send to the instrument, it needs to be parsed as a string before is gets send. Unless you build your own application, the PhotosynQ apps will take care of that for you.

Building your first Protocol

In order to build your first Protocol, make sure you have the Desktop App installed. Further you need an Instrument like the MultispeQ to test your protocol.
1. Select the Protocols from the menu and click on + New or select the Protocol Editor directly.
2. Check out the detailed documentation on how to create a protocol in our wiki on github
3. Make sure you have your instrument connected properly, so you can click on Run to test your Protocol
4. Now you are ready to create your first Protocol…

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