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Filter data

You can filter your data by Project Questions, Users, Devices and Time or combinations of those. These subsets are called Series.

Apply Filters

  1. Select + Add to show the filter dialog.
  2. Expand Project Question or Questions you want to filter by.
  3. Select your answer or answers for each Question.

Tip: See the examples on how the series are generated.

Add a single Series

  1. Make your filter selections.
  2. Select + Add below the available filter options to create one series.

Add multiple Series

  1. Make your filter selections.
  2. Select and choose Import as separate series.


Instead of selecting filters you can simply click on presets and select one of the available options to generate the corresponding Series.


Adding a single or multiple Series has a different logic in which filters are applied

Single Series:

All of the measurements that include any of the selected filters will be contained in one series.

Single Series

Multiple Series:

This selection will generate a separate series for each unique combination of filters.

Multiple Series

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