What is PhotosynQ?

PhotosynQ is truly collaborative online plant research platform.

Can anyone join PhotosynQ?

Yes, anyone with an email address can join the PhotosynQ community.

Can anyone contribute to PhotosynQ?

Yes, anyone can develop new Protocols, Macros, start Projects or get involved in a Discussion. However, in order to get involved in the data collection, you need to have an instrument like the MultispeQ and an Android mobile device or a Desktop Computer / Laptop.

Who is the target Audience?

At this point, anyone who is interested in photosynthesis or plant productivity and efficiency. This can include scientists, educators, extension agents, crop consultants, and even farmers. In the future, we hope to expand the platform more broadly into plant science and agriculture related fields (e.g. soil and water quality, etc).

Why is PhotosynQ open?

Because we believe, that open science will enable more people to participate, enable projects which cannot be accomplished with the current approaches and ultimately lead to better science and education.

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