What are Projects?

Projects allow you to collect, analyze and discuss data in collaboration with the PhotosynQ community.

Who can participate in a Project?

Anybody with a PhotosynQ enabled Instrument can participate and make contributions to open Projects. Make sure you give as much information as possible to help Collaborators collect high quality data.

Can I limit the circle of Collaborators?

Yes, you can make a closed Project, where only invited users can contribute. However, the data is accessible by anybody.

Does the order of Protocols matter?

Yes, depending on what you are looking at, it is important to keep them in a certain order. For example, measure photosynthetic yield before you look at relative chlorophyll content.

What are “Project Questions”?

In Projects you can define Questions before each measurement which have to be answered. These Questions can be used to input additional non sensor data (e.g. plant height) or to filter and categorize your measurements when you explore your Project data.

Do I need “Project Questions”?

No, but it will significantly increase the value of your measurements and help you to analyze the data.

Is there a limit to the number of “Project Questions”?

No, but keep in mind that you will have to answer each question in the field, which can slow down data collection.

How precise is the location?

For the location your mobile device uses assisted GPS which has a maximum precision of 7.8 meters (25.6 feet) due to US trade restrictions (http://www.gps.gov/systems/gps/).

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