Getting Started

To get started, please take a look at our tutorials to familiarize yourself with the platform, the devices and apps we provide.


Anybody can get stuck or have a good question or suggestion we have not considered. Please use the F.A.Q.s and search our forum and post your question/suggestion, in case it has not been addressed yet. We will try to respond in a reasonable time.


You can interact with the PhotosynQ Service not only through the browser or the apps, but you can also use our API (Application Program Interface). Our current version of the API as well as previous versions are documented here.


Currently the software repo for the website and database remains private. Expect that to be published in the future. If you're interested in contributing or viewing that code, mail to



You get notified when there is an update available for your device (firmware) if you use the PhotosynQ mobile or desktop app. In case you want to help us testing, developing or just take a peak at the code go to Github. All libraries and code is Arduino compatible (C++/Arduino).


The designs for the physical case are available on Github as SolidWorks 2013, STL files.


The circuit boards are available on Github as KiCAD, gerber files.


Mobile | Android

Our current version of the Android mobile app is available through the Google Play Store or on Github.
If you install the application through the store, you will be notified in case there are updates available.

Desktop | Google Chrome

Our current version of desktop app in combination with Google Chrome is available through the Chrome Store or on Github.

If you install the application through the store, updates will be automatically installed if they are available.